Hydraulic/Plumbing Services

KFM specializes in hydraulic and plumbing services, which covers residential and commercial premises. We practice a Green Philosophy at all levels across our organization. We provide complete solutions for Installation and maintenance for Hydraulic and Plumbing Services which include:


•             Clearing of Sewer and Storm water blockages

•             CCTV Pipe camera investigations, Mapping and Locating services

•             Renewals and repair of Storm water lines and pipes

•             Toilet and Cistern repairs

•             Installation and certification of water saving devices.

•             High pressure jet blasting

•             Property sewerage connections

•             Water treatment

•             Installation and maintenance using green and eco-friendly technology.

•             Overlaying of hydraulic equipment like, primary and secondary pumps.

•             HPVC, UPVS, PPR Pipes installation and maintenance

•             Pump head calculations and its trouble shooting